When you need to change WLSDM WebLogic settings and you have so many WLSDM WebLogic domains, use the “WLSDM Configuration” page to standardize the bulk WLSDM WebLogic domains settings. WL-OPC prevents struggling with numerous tabs, unwanted confusion and saves your time with WLSDM Configurations Page!

The “WLSDM Configuration” page has rich content and simple usage. The “WLSDM Configurations” page allows you to load and edit all WLSDM System Settings on a single page and apply changes to all registered WLSDM WebLogic domains.

How to use WLSDM Configuration Page

After login to WL-OPC, follow the steps below:

1. Click Administration Menu,

2. Click the WLSDM Configurations submenu,

Atıf İmal

Coder & Software Developer at Volthread

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